Hotel Prime

Food is the ingredient that binds us together.

I was looking for restaurant which serves some good Indian food for lunch and found HOTEL PRIME


Outlet Highlights

Food Dishes

Talking about the food, we had ordered a few dishes 😋

It was good and tasty.

I would say it was good but not recommend.

Crispy and loaded with veggies. A must try

A soft paneer dish which was quite good in taste. The paneer were too soft and fresh.

Fan of raita? Then you should definitely try this bundi raita. It was too good and tasty.

A heavy naan with cheese loaded in it. A must-have if you are a cheese lover.

It was too good, buttery, huge and tasty. One can fill his/her stomach with just one kulcha.

A red gravy sabzi with lots of veggies in it.

A yellow gravy sabzi with lots of veggies and paneer in it.

Not the authentic one, but still it had that taste and was a good choice.


You should definitely try the below recommendations 😍

  1. Paneer Chilli Dry


Overall it was an amazing experience. I would recommend this outlet to everyone. Know more about 


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