Why The J Foodie?

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting my food blog. I know many of you might think that why this blog? And why only Jain food blog?

So, here’s the answer.

My name is Harsh, I live in Mumbai Suburbs.

I was born in a Jain family and everyone at my place eats only Jain food, so do I.

I don’t crave for Non-Jain food and I am happy with what I eat.

I have seen people telling me that what’s in Jain food, it’s tasteless. Food without onion and garlic is not food.

Okay! No worries, if you think that way then I can’t change your thinking. It’s up to you to eat what you want to. I don’t have any problem with it.

If I don’t have any problem, then you too should not have any problem with what I or Jains eat.

I respect everyone’s decision to eat what they like, you too should respect our decision to eat Jain food.

Enough intro about myself. Let me tell you the story behind this blog.

As a foodie, I always wanted to try new places which serve Jain food. While searching I found that many places serve Jain food but they actually don’t know what’s included in Jain food dishes and what’s not.

And there are many places which actually serve good quality and pure Jain food, but people are unaware of it.

So this was the main reason for starting this blog so that I could help other people who want to try Jain food and wants to know all the places serving pure Jain food.

Apart from this, I also want the world to discover that Jain food is as good as any other food. If you try, you will come to know.