Jain Nacho Chips – No Onion No Garlic

Enjoy Jain Nacho Chips pack of 60 Gram by Makino. Satisfy your snack cravings anytime. Munch anytime, anywhere, whether watching movies, traveling, party or whenever you are hungry.

Non-GMO | No MSG | Zero Cholesterol | Zero Trans Fat.


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  • Jain Nacho Chips by Makino
  • Healthy, crunchy and tasty corn based party snacks. Tired of going around in circles? Eat Makino Nachos Chips. Enjoy the desi flavours – Cheese, Roasted Masala, Peri peri, sweet chilly, Jalapeno & Salsa
  • Made by fully automatic and highly advanced technology. Perfect triangular shape with the lip-smacking flavour. Upto 40% less oil than regular Nachos chips. Easy to digest and light on the stomach. Enjoy the snack anywhere
  • Crunchy and super tasty from every angle. Tasty Nachos, brings the same crunch and shape, with no Maida or Chemicals; making them authentic and deeply satisfying. Enjoy with a dip of Salsa, Sour Cream or Guacamole


‎Jalapeno – Corn (68%), Corn Oil, Sugar, Iodized Salt, Corn Starch, Mixed Spices & Herbs (Jalapeno, Chilli, Parsley), Milk Solids, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Soya), Flavors, Acidity Regulator [Citric Acid (E330)]., Cheese with Herbs – Corn (68%), Edible Vegetable Oil (Corn Oil), Milk Solids, Sugar, Iodized Salt, Corn Starch, Cheese Powder, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Soya), Flavours, Acidity Regulator [Citric Acid (E330)], Mixed Spices & Herbs (Chilli, Turmeric & Parsley).



  • Pack of – 6
  • Quantity – 360 Gm
  • Shelf life – 6 Months
  • Manufacturer – ‎Recorn Foods Pvt Ltd
  • Safety Information – Nitrogen flushed, store in a cool and dry place


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